KG stands for KommanditGesellschaft

A Kommanditgesellschaft (abbreviated "KG") which is the German name for a limited partnership business company and is used in Austrian, German and some other European Countries. In the US the term is LLC for a limited liability corporation. 

Germany is one of Europe's most important countries. One third of the EU's GDP is generated in Germany. There are more then 82 million people in what is the largest European country. Germany is the fifth largest national economy in the world, quality "Made in Germany" is still well known worldwide. Germany is located in the middle of Europe and can be reached within a few hours by either car, train, or plane. Equally interesting is Germany's neighboring position to Austria and Switzerland, not to mention the Eastern European countries, another giant market. There are many options available for a German company formation.

There are 6 types of German companies (UG, GmbH, KG, AG, OHG, and Branch Company)