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Two letter dotcom domains are rare! There are exactly 676 of them. There exist over 100 Million .com domains! The English Dictionary is well under one million words. Everything that is possible is currently registered in dotcom. We have owned this domain for over 15 years and have turned down countless offers to sell because we believed in the long term value of domain real estate. The public trusts .com and they respect easy to remember short names. That is why is such a great name. Owning this domain makes marketing easy, companies easily spend millions to promote bad brands, but marketing dollars go so much further when promoting an easy to remember brand.

Purchase History of two letter Dot Coms:
  • WanJiaHuanGou purchased for $3.7M in 2016
  • SalesForce purchased for $2M-$6M* from Microsoft in 2011.
  • Facebook purchased for $8,500,000 in 2010.
  • Auction price of was $1,400,000** in 2009. 
  • CBS acquired when it purchased CNET in 2008.
  • YellowPages purchased for $3,850,000 in 2008.
  • Liverpool Victoria purchased for $1,200,000 in 2007.
  • Intelligent Fiance purchased for $1,000,000 in 2003.
* Most sales of two letter domains are private. Private sale prices are generally higher then the publicly known sales because they occur at wholesale auctions and in public marketplaces where we can learn the sale price. 
Salesforce bought from Microsoft in a private sale however we know SalesForce knows the value of generic domains and has publicly bought for $1.5M and for $2.6M (Microsoft orginally owned and didn't disclose the sale price of when it was sold to SalesForce but it is projected at a few million dollars; Microsoft knows the value of domains and has spent millions itself on other domains). ** was sold at $1.4M in a public auction, that sale fell through but it is rumored to have sold in a private sale shortly afterwards. *** Exchange rates provided by Send Money.

Interesting Facts:

There are over 8 thousand .com domains that match "K*** Group". There are tens of thousands of domains that have the initials KG. The country of Kyrgyzstan is assigned the country code of KG. For fun you can register a KG domain at KG stands for Kilogram and is the most seen initials in the world. King Pharmaceuticals was listed on the NYSE with the symbol KG and had a market cap of 3.5 Billion. Kevin Garnett is known as KG in the NBA. 

Famous KG People and Companies:
Kathy Griffen
Kathie Lee Gifford
Kevin Garnett
Kenny G
 Kathy Griffen  Kathie Lee Gifford  Kevin Garnett  Kenny G
Kristy Graves

K&G Fashion

KG Shoes

kg Flag

 Kristy Graves K&G Fashion Kurt Geiger Shoes Kyrgyzstan

Two Letter Domains no longer for sale
(Companies combined worth over $2 Trillion Dollars in Value):

  Company / Domain Market Cap Stock Symbol
American Airlines
$2.8 Billion AMR
Allen Bradley
$9.2 Billion ROK
$36 Billion ACN
American Eagle
$3 Billion AOE
American Greetings
$800 Million AM
Aurora Advanced Healthcare
$4 Billion Private
Artificial Intelligence
Elequa  Private
Ask Jeeves
$2.78 Billion IACI
Centralnic's Argentina 
Private Private
$20 Billion YHOO
British Airways
£3 Billion Bay.L
Becton Dickinson
$18 Billion BDX
  Bell Helicopter
$6 Billion TXT
Burger King
$3.2 Billion BKC
Barnes & Noble
$800 Million BKS
British Petroleum
$164 Billion BP
Centralnic's Brazil
Private Private
British Telecom
£13 Billion BT-A.L
Black & Veatch
$2.7 Billion in Revenue Private/ESOP
$17 Billion BX
Computer Associates
$11.8 Billion CA
Comedy Central
Private Private
Canadian International
$6.3 Billion CIX.TO
Commission Junction
$1.22 Billion VCLK
Calvin Klein
$4 Billion  PVH 
Centralnic's China
Private Private
Chicago Pneumatic
100 years old,
6 Countries
Cable & Wireless
£1.8 Billion CW.L
Deutsche Bank
$34 Billion DB
Centralnic's Germany
Private Private
Dollar General

Dollar General
$14 Billion DG
Dow Jones
$37.8 Billion NWS
Dorling Kindersley
$12.4 Billion PSO
Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP
1,100 lawyers,
26 offices
$13 Billion CRM
Dairy Queen
Berkshire Hathaway Private
Dubai Telephone
$10 Billion DPW
EA Sports
Electronic Arts Inc.
$7 Billion EA
Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica
Company purchased for $136 Million Private  
Centralnic's European Union
Private Private
Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
$20 Billion Timer Warner
Ernst & Young
N/A Private
FA Brand
6 Billion EUR Henkel AG
Financial Times
Financial Times
$15 Billion

$33 Billion FB
Friends Provident
£1.8 Billion Taken Private
General Atomics 
Defense Contractor  Private
Centralnic's Great Britian
General Dynamics
$25 Billion GD
General Electric
$173 Billion GE
General Motors
General Motors
$85 Billion GS
Go Network
GO Network
Private Owed by Disney
Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacfic
$13.2 billion Formerly GP
Goldman Sachs
$85 Billion GS
Grant Thornton
N/A Private
The Guardian

The Guardian
£255 Million in Revenue Private
GQ Magazine
Condé Nast Private
Centralnic's Greece
Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auctions
$800 Million Sold in the last year. Private
Harper Collins
Harper Collins Publishers
Private Owed by News Corp
 $3.7 Million domain  purchase  
Hennes & Mauritz
$24 Billion SE:HMB
Cnetralnic's Hungary
Hewlett Packard
$95 Billion HPQ
Intelligent Finance
Intelligent Finance
$25 Billion LYG
$463 Million IN:30445840
Johnson & Johnson
$175 Billion JNJ
J&R Electronics, Inc. J&R Electronics, Inc.
New York Stores and Online Presence Private
Johns Manville
Berkshire Hathaway Private
Cirque du Soleil
$1 Billion in Revenue Private
Krueger International
$600 Million in Sales Private/ESOP
Coke Cola
$146 Billion KO
Kaiser Permanente
$46 Billion in Revenue Private
Centralnic's Korea
Korea Telecom
$27 Billion Private
Los Angeles
MediaNews Group Private
Luxury Collection
$10 Billion HOT
Lucky Chemical Group
$120 Billion 066570:Korea
€7.2 Billion LHAG.DE
Legatum Institute
$65 Billion Private
La Quinta
$2.3 Billion Private
Liverpool Victoria
1.1 Million owners Private
Latham Watkins
30 Offices Private
Morris Adjmi Architects
New York firm Private
Mercury Computer Systems
$391 Million MRCY
Mobile ME
Apple's Mobile Me
$370 Billion AAPL
Merrill Lynch
Bankrupt Private
Mettler Toledo
$4.6 Billion MTD
Morgan Stanley
$35 Billion MS
North American Corporation
Founded in 1909 Private
National Instruments
$2.7 Billion NATI
NK Seeds
$27 Billion SYT
Centralnic's Norway
Bankrupt NRTLQ
Northeast Utilities
$5.5 Billion NU
Office Direct
Bankrupt N/A
Nasdaq OMX
$4.2 Billion NDAQ
Nokia acquires OZ
$38 Billion NOK
Pitney Bowes
$4.8 Billion PBI
$120 Billion INTC
Procter & Gamble
$182 Billion PG 
Performance Technologies
$18 Million PTIX
Price Waterhouse Coopers
$3.9 Billion IBM
Centeralnic's Quebec
Quad Graphics
$1.3 Billion QUAD

Largest website in China HK:700
Rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
$86 Billion ABT
Reckitt Benckiser
$25 Billion RB.L
Readers Digest
$1.6 Billion RDA
Real Estate
$64 Million LEDR
restoration hardware
Restoration Hardware
Revenue of $1 Billion RH
Royal Jordanian
$134 Million RJAL:JR
Centeralnic's Russia
Russia Today
Russia Today
Private State owned
Centralnic's Saudi Arabia
Standard Chartered
$44 Billion LON:STAN
Centralnic's Sweden
$5 Billion 003600:KS
Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated
$35 Billion TWX
Springer & Jacoby
Springer & Jacoby
Bankrupt N/A
SM Investments Corp.
$7.2 Billion SM:PM
ST Micro Electronics
$7.7 Billion STM
Schopf & Weiss LLP
Schopf & Weiss LLP
Lawyers Private
  TA Associates, Inc.
Toronto-Dominion Bank
$63 Billion ONT:TD
Texas Instruments
$36 Billion TXN
$17 Billion CBS
Centralnic's United Kingdom
Union Pacific
Union Pacific Railroad
$49 Billion UNP
Underwriters Laboratories
5,000+ Employees Private
  United Rentals
$1.1 Billion URI 
Centralnic's United States
Centralnic's Uruguay

$231 Million in sales  
Vanity Fair
Condé Nast Private
  VK European Social Network
110 MIllion users Private
€46 Billion VOWG.DE
  Warner Brothers
$35 Billion TWX
Weber & Hampel
120 Years Private
Wieden & Kennedy
7 Worldwide Offices Private
Waste Management
$16 Billion WM
World News
N/A Private
$300 Million Valuation Private
$9.3 Billion WY
XL Airways
France, Germany Private
Yellow Book
$2 Billion Private
Yellow Pages
AT&T Brand ATT
Young & Rubicam
$14.8 Billion WPPGY
Centralnic's South Africa
ZF Friedrichshafen
59,771 Employees Private